This initiative closens some services given by the national and provintial governments directly to the neighbours of some cities and neighbourhoods so that they can have a better life quality.

It is possible to have access to medical services, odontologists, process any type of document, family subsidies, social plans, transport cards, and several more.


Communicate the visit agenda of the Plan “The state in your neighbourhood” to every corner of the country constantly, segmenting the ads to all the closer inhabitants in the place where the services are given.


Our geocoded telephonic guides, together with our high performance call capacity (10.000 calls per minute) makes possible, week to week, to convocate thousands of families in a determined distance radio  from the point where the services are given

The reception of the campaign is very good, reaching an average 78% of answered calls, peaks of 92% and participation of almost 50% of the telephonic database.

The perception of the inhabitants of the cities is of a government, proximate, near and focused in solving the real problems they have.

The messages are recorded by the President, Mauricio Macri.


Audio of the President, Mauricio Macri, informing the neighbours about the program “The state in your neighbourhood”.